Vinod Khosla - Founding Partner, Khosla Ventures
Vinod is an entrepreneur, investor and technologist. He founded Khosla Ventures in 2004. Prior to founding KV, Vinod was a general partner at KPCB where he took on crucial roles for many notable companies including Nexgen/AMD, Juniper Networks, Excite, and Cerent. As an entrepreneur, he was co-founder of Daisy Systems, and Co-founder & CEO of Sun Microsystems. 


Lip-Bu Tan  
CEO, Cadence Founder & Chairman, Walden International
Atiq Raza
Former  COO, AMD, Founder RMI and NexGen
Dadi Perlmutter  
Former Chief Product, Officer, Intel
Fred Weber  
Former CTO, AMD
Gideon Intrater  
CTO, Adesto, Former VP Marketing, MIPS
Ranganathan "Suds" Sudhakar
Former VP Engineering/Architecture, MIPS
Renee Brown  
Associate General Counsel, Intellectual Property, Knowles Electronics